"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninty-nine percent perspiration"

Thomas Edison

Edison's Coffee wants to work towards changing the perception and indeed best practice of the entire coffee service sector, by delivering high quality product with the community at heart. We put maximum effort into what we do as a brand and to the service we deliver because we really believe we can make a difference through intelligent commercial acumen and a trial social awareness. We aim to clean up the somewhat tarnished name of coffee shop providers by combining socially aware solutions with our passion for great tasting innovative blends of coffee.

So what makes us different? Looking at things in isolation, they include a real compassion for doing right by fellow human beings, from suppliers and the source of product, to the delivery of service by our committed employees to you the customer. We do our homework, we position ourselves at the forefront at what we do and are not afraid to take on the bigger less community orientated or social aware competitors. We have lofty ambitions; national recognition and coverage within a short period of time, and then even international presence. That said, we do not compromise on quality - ours is a premium service offering excellent products under an aspirational brand.

hand chosen beans

Tastes Good...Does Good...Feels Good

Its not just the coffee, beverages or scrumptious food- its the highly trained individuals, from coffee engineer to bar staff, from waiter to manager all pulling in the same direction to deliver the best possible customer service